Laws of Using a Shabbos Blech On Shabbos (Plata or hotplate)

Am I allowed to remove food from a pot on the blech?

No. Not even with a fork or other utensil, and even if the food is completely cooked, and you are careful not to stir it. This includes liquid and solid foods. (See photo on following page.) 

You may remove food, that is completely cooked, from a pot which has been moved to an area on the blech not directly over the fire. This spot should be 40-45 degrees Celsius (around 110 degrees Fahrenheit), but not hot enough to cook . As long as the pot is still warm, you may replace it to an area over the fire.

Am I allowed to take water from a pot on the blech with a ladle?

Yes. It is permissible to extract water, which was boiled and has not completely cooled, from a pot on a blech using a ladle, cup or other utensil.

You may put the water remaining in the ladle back into the pot, as long as it is still warm and this was your intention.

Is removing incompletely cooked food from a pot permissible?

No. It is forbidden to extract food that is not completely cooked from a pot whose temperature is at least 40-45 degrees Celsius (around 110 degrees Fahrenheit) even after the pot has been removed from the blech.

Of course, replacing this pot to the blech is also forbidden.

Am I allowed to remove the cover to check food the on the blech?

Yes. And, if the food in the pot is completely cooked, you may then replace it, even though covering the pot helps contain or increases the heat.