Best Futons

The Japanese knew full well how to use space and create a sitting and lying product that works well and comfortably for the human body, so we composed this list of the best futons.

In addition to keeping minimized living areas free, futons should also add a sense of style. Futon options allow individuals to change mattress covers and to dress up or down. More importantly, futons are less expensive than a bed because there are no added parts to assemble.

However, the fundamental reason why a futon should fit our lifestyle changes is its ergonomics. Futons make seating very comfortable, plus taking a futon mattress and placing it on the floor, it retains its fluffy flat surface yet you can still fold it up and store it away.

Whether you are seated or lying down, the human body does not perform well if it experiences weight problems in certain parts of the body like the back and knees. For example, the body adds weight behind the knees due to the tendon near the spine if you are not seated correctly.

An inappropriately designed chair should not account for this – thus you have the futon design that lessens the bearing body weight. When you sit on a futon your back and tailbone sink in and the weight is transferred to the thighs.

Again, the science of what a futon sofa or bed should do well is in its ergonomics consisting of its seating angle, back angle, seat height, and seat depth that matches the best quality sofas. The ultimate goal of the modern day futon is to take center stage in any home or office environment. Futons are in close competition with the best-made sofas and that futons need to look like comfortable sofas in any setting.

Mainstay Memory Foam Futon – Best FutonS

Best Mainstay Memory Foam Futon

Mainstay is a synonymous brand associated with quality that makes its memory foam futon an investment in top quality futon styles on the market.

The Mainstay Memory Foam Futon features an innovative layer of foam that makes it more relaxing with no lumps, bumps, or uneven areas. As the operative word, “memory foam,” is a long-lasting engineering feat. The main components of memory foam consist of polyurethane layers which are flameproof and sanitized.

The Mainstay features a split back style that serves as a couch and lounger. Its arm sides transition from a downward bed angle into upright armrests.

With its back and arm pliancy, it can fit into any living space environment. Futons are designed to be easy to assemble and the Mainstay Memory Foam Futon is no exception. Its legs attach quickly to its frame. Talk about affordability, the Mainstay is one of the best futon costs if you are on a budget.


  • Comfortable multifunctional lounger, bed and sofa style
  • Easy to spot clean


  • Instructions can be hard to follow during assembly
  • Does not work well propped directly upright against a wall if you choose to lay it down.

DHP Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Frame/Mattress

8-Inch Independently Encased Coil Futon Mattress

The DHP Independently-Encased Coil Premium Futon Mattress Frame is a leading product from the Dorel Industries. It is a cozy sofa and ergonomic sleeper. As the main feature of this futon, the coil springs are an innovative design that will last a long time. As one of the best futon styles, DHP coil designs feature the following:


  • Pocket Coils that allows for equal weight distribution, relieves body pressure points, and contours to the body whether sitting or lying down.
  • Spring Coils further supplies balance and support. DHP also features its own high-density foam for added comfort and bounce.
  • Polyester foam is its durability with a great tufted microfiber design that allows the mattress to always keep its shape.


  • Affordable and stylish
  • Easy to clean fabric


  • Unpacking it may be challenging due to it 600 lbs.
  • The frame folds down with a little resistance

Best Choice Products Living Room Linen Fabric Tufted Splitback Sleeper Plush Futon Couch

Best Convertible Splitback Sleeper Futon

The gorgeous and comfortable Best Choice Products (BCP) Linen Fabric Tufted Splitback Futon can seat 2 persons with the option of one side remaining upright and/or the other side to recline.

It is a firm couch with a support bar in the middle for folding up and down. It also features a split-back which allows you recline into a bed. It is purposely designed for small spaces.

This futon is very durable featuring a wood frame, quality featured arms that remain upright and strong metal legs. It is available in a myriad of fashionable colors to fit into any home or office.


  • Two matching couch pillows.
  • Linen repels stains and is easy to keep clean.


  • Shipped in a heavy durable box.
  • Futon cushion could be thicker.

Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon – Linen

Novogratz Brittany Sofa Futon

The stylish Novogratz Brittany Futon Sofa is featured with a boutique style fluted linen upholstery. The Novogratz brand is all about cool comfort, style, curves, fashionably edgy, and high-quality.

As one of the best futon styles, it features a wooden sturdy frame with a dense polyester and foam filling.The Novogratz Linen Futon Sofa is available in beautiful bright colors to match any décor. Its back can recline slightly to rest your back.

Also, the back of the futon can convert into a bed and each multi-sided back allows one side to remain upright while the other side lays flat. You can enjoy its style in a variety of colors that will fit into any living space.


  • Linen is easy to keep clean.
  • Very firm for a regular sized person.


  • Legs may need to be tightened more than instructions state.
  • Make sure that Hulk Hogan doesn’t sit on it even though it is comfortable.

DHP 5424696 Independently-Encased Coil Futon Mattress With Foam Sofa Bed

Frame Not Included Futon Mattress

The DHP 8” coil futon sofa bed with mattress looks very elegant for any room especially the front rooms.

The mattress is made of a dense foam polyester layer created between the cover and coils for optimum comfort experienced when seated or lying down.The DHP 5424696 coil futon mattress features a tufted cover which will not stain.

The mattress cover is washable. The 8” coil futon mattress keeps your back rested even when you wake up after a restful night sleep.

This quality futon mattress with the foam sofa bed is lightweight (50 lbs) and is quite an investment because it will last a long time. You will also enjoy the variety of colors that the mattress cover is available in.


  • Pillow top for optimal comfort.
  • Fits in any modern house.


  • Sometimes customer service is hard to reach.
  • Be careful when removing cover from the mattress.

How To Choose The Right Futon

Futons are notably flexible and foldable, as they serve as loungers and/or sleepers. Choosing the right futon requires asking what your long-term sitting and comfortable sleeping habits are.It is suggested that you know the dimensions of a futon in order to secure that it will fit succinctly into your living space. Take your room measurements to avoid any room constraints because futons are available in sizes similar to a traditional bed that includes full, twin, and queen.

Also, if you choose a frame model, then you have the option of either a bi-fold or a lounger frame. A lounger frame folds twice and its mattress serves as the couch. A bi-fold futon only folds once and its mattress length is the couch that gives users more room.

Why not choose a futon that gives you extra storage space. If you are working with minimal space, then a futon designed with built-in drawers would make the perfect space saver.

Also, a futon can easily transform your living room space from cramped to spacious. Choose a futon that has height rather than one that sits flat on the floor. The extra space beneath its legs will allow you enough space to manually fit small shelves and drawers underneath.

In addition to the futon brands and styles noted above, futons are available in a variety of styles to fit into any living space. Your futon options can include armless futons, traditional, bunk beds, small loungers, armless futons, and futons that are designed for the outdoors.

What Are Futons Made Of?

Futons are a multi-functional furnishing that is both a sofa and a bed. Organically, they are made up of layers of materials like cotton, latex, and wool. Futons are created with three basic parts: the frame, the mattress and the cover. There are several styles of framing for futons, that include the following:a. Frames

  • Metal frames: metal frame futons are solid and strong. The metal is flexible which gives you more support.
  • Wooden frames: solid hardwood frames are very sturdy with long-lasting durability.
  • Bi-fold frames: futons created as bi-fold frames are designed more for beds than futon sofas. Per its name, there are 8 base slates for a comfortable nights sleep.
  • Tri-fold frames: very similar to the bi-fold, a trifold frame can fold out in three ways. It is also designed with slats that is a great lounger and a sleeper.
  • Loveseat frames: this type of futon is a great comfortable bed and couch. Its cushions serve as a mattress.

Futon Mattresses

Basic futon mattresses are made of mostly cotton with layers of foam to sustain the rigidity of the futon. Other mattress materials include memory foam so that it can bend and open. Latex foam gives your futon dense comfort. Latex futon mattresses do not lose any bounce or firmness. Polyester foam mattresses are very lightweight, plus it provides a sense of plushness while helping to retain the shape of the futon.

Futon Covers

The futon covers are designed to be sturdy, stain-free, and colorful in a variety of patterns. Many covers are also available in a variety of materials like leather and suede.