Best Toilet Brushes

We’ve scoured Amazon for the best toilet bowl brushes, narrowed the choices down to the best and left out the rest, these are the top for 2020

Toilet brushes aren’t exciting, but they’re essential and if you’re like most people and want to keep a tidy house if for nothing else but for health reasons.

You’ve bought brands that just don’t perform, awkward designs, bristles that stain and holders that rust just don’t belong in a sparkling clean bathroom.

Is there a solution?

Best Toilet Bowl Brush

Simplehuman Toilet Brush with Magnetic Caddy

Toilet Brush with Caddy

If you’re looking for the best toilet brush for tight spaces, this sleek set by Simplehuman is a top choice. The white and stainless steel color scheme looks good in any décor and the slim, low-profile caddy takes less than four inches of floor space.

Using the crescent-shaped brush head takes a little practice if you’re used to the traditional shape, but it’s a good fit for elongated toilet bowls and for getting far into the drain. If you have hard water stains, the stiff bristles have plenty of scrubbing power and heads are replaceable.

A special feature on this caddy is the magnetic collar. Just slip the handle in and it stays put, allowing you take the whole unit from room to room with one hand and no spills. The dome-shaped cover can be angled away from view and its smooth surface can be wipe clean with ease.


• Stiff bristles tackle tough stains
• Space-friendly design


• Unusual brush shape
•Most expensive at $24.99

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Best Toilet Brush and Holder

OXO Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

Good Grips Hideaway Compact Toilet Brush

OXO, a leading maker of kitchenware brings its design expertise to the bathroom with this exceptionally effective compact brush and recommended by Forbes as a best toilet brush. The list of features starts with a caddy that completely surrounds the brush head and opens automatically when the handle is lifted. It’s not fancy, but the overall look is simple and refined.

To optimize cleaning, each brush has a sturdy, ergonomic handle, a tapered head for hard-to-reach places and a layer of heavy blue bristles for cleaning dried-on debris under the rim. The caddy holds the brush securely and boasts a vent that helps it stay dry and free of mold and unpleasant odors between uses.

The whole unit takes only four inches of floor space and comes in five neutral color choices. User reviews note the updated design no longer features metal parts that rust and has highly durable plastic.



• Vented caddy keeps brush head dry between uses
• Extensive color selection


• Brush heads are not replaceable
• Low caddy base can overflow if the brush is too wet

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MR. SIGA Soft Bristle Best Toilet Brush Set

Soft Bristle Toilet Brush Set

What’s better than one quality toilet brush? Two! And that’s just what you get with this set of dual brushes by MR. SIGA.

The innovative design solves two common problems — crushed bristles and trouble cleaning under the toilet bowl rim.

The silicone bristles are gentle on sensitive glazed surfaces and bounce back to their original shape, even after vigorous scrubbing.

An attached brush extension pops up for hands-free access under the rim and both pieces are a cinch to clean.

The entire ensemble including the brush and holder are metal-free, so there are no components to get rusty in wet, humid bathroom conditions and best of all, the holder is designed to suspend the brush off the holder’s base. Drips get caught, but the brush doesn’t sit in dirty toilet water between cleanings.


• Scratch-free brush heads
• Rust-free construction


• Blue and white colors don’t match every décor
• Brush may be too gentle for hard water stains

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Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Swab

Fuller Brush Toilet Bowl Swab

Not to be outdone by the folks at MR. SIGA.  The cleaning experts at Fuller offer this two-pack of highly-regarded best toilet bowl brush.

They’re designed like mops with full heads of sanitary yarn that can squeeze into any dirty crack or crevice. Strands soak up cleaner that typically falls to the bottom of the bowl, so you can easily apply it under the rim. The 15-inch handle is easy to grip, long enough to hold comfortably at any angle, and is equipped with a handy hole for hanging.

When you’re done cleaning, push the flexible cup down over the head and squeeze out excess water. Strands dry quickly, are naturally antibacterial and replaceable. If you don’t want to hang the brush, the cup doubles as a sturdy stand. Users give this model top rating for cleaning performance with no complaints about scratching.


• Swab design applies cleaner above the water line
• Quick-dry heads


• Takes hand strength to wring out
• Metal wire in the brush head can rust over time

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HOMEMAXS Stainless Steel Toilet Brush and Holder

Stainless Steel Toilet Brush

When appearance counts, this stainless steel brush and holder by HOMEMAXS looks more like a real bathroom accessory than a cleaning tool. The caddy and brush handle are made of food-grade 304 frosted stainless steel for a modern, uniform look that doesn't distract from the flow of the room and unlike models made with lesser quality metal; stainless steel is highly rust-resistant.

The brush design is traditional and cleans capably. To keep odors at bay, the caddy is made with a back vent for air flow and an extra deep well at the bottom that catches drips, but keeps excess water off the brush. Bristles are tough enough for heavy-duty stains, but flexible and won’t scratch delicate porcelain. HOMEMAXS stands behind this product with a full money-back guarantee, but we don’t think you’ll need it!


• Aesthetically appealing
• Satisfaction guaranteed by HOMEMAXS


• Heads are not replaceable
• Brushed finish shows fingerprints

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Cleaning The Inside of a Toilet Bowl, watch this (tutorial).

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Cleaning The Inside of a Toilet Bowl

To achieve a thorough cleaning every week, you should turn off the water to the toilet, then flush so that the water empties the toilet bowl. Proceed to sprinkle the toilet cleaning powder into your toilet bowl. While wearing gloves, scrub the bowl and below the rim using a (scrubby) sponge that is in excellent condition. It is recommended to wait for at least an hour before turning on the water and flushing.

A single flush after thorough scrubbing using a scrubby sponge and cleaning powder or detergent will give your toilet a sparkling look. If you want to extend the effects of your toilet’s weekly cleaning, it is advisable to swish the toilet bowl daily using a toilet brush and clean water; using cleaning detergent or cleaning powder every day isn’t a must. But keep in mind that this is a toilet maintenance tip; hence it doesn’t replace the cleaning regimen.

Cleaning A Toilet Brush

A look at all household tools shows that the toilet brush handles one of the home’s dirtiest jobs. Having this in mind, proper sanitation procedure highlights that the toilet brush needs more than a quick rinse or quick flushing swirl after every use.

To get rid of stains, oust bacteria and germs, or keep the bristles from yellowing, you will have to find a way of cleaning your toilet brush. A clean toilet brush guarantees that you will have a clean and hardworking tool that is ready for the next scour or dunk.

It is true that your toilet brush needs attention each time you clean your toilet. First, flush your toilet to ensure that the bowl fills with clean water. Proceed to resting the brush’s handle on the rim while holding its bristles over water. You will then pour about a half cup of bleach over the brush’s bristles and on at least a few inches on the handle from the area with bristles. You shouldn’t worry about your septic tank if you are using bleach while following manufacturer’s directions.

After adding the bleach, swish the toilet brush in the clean water inside the toilet bowl to loosen any germs and particles. You should now flush your toilet again to allow the swirling water in the toilet bowl to flow over the bristles. It is advisable to turn the toilet brush all round to rinse it all around. Finally, you will secure the brush handle between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl; this allows the brush to drip into the toilet bowl while air drying.

Fixing Yellowing and Bristle Stains

After extended use, the bristles of your hardworking toilet brush can turn from white to a displeasing yellow color. You can somewhat restore the color of the bristles on your toilet brush by placing the brush in a bucket of moderately hot or warm water. You can add baking soda into the warm water then stir the toilet brush in the solution; this will whiten the brush’s bristles. It is proven that baking soda aids in the whitening of toilet brush bristles while also helping to remove the odor from the brush.

When Nature Calls

Certain natural or green cleaning products have disinfecting properties. These cleaning products allow you to ditch the use of harsh chemical-based cleaners. An excellent example of a natural or green cleaning product is white vinegar. When cleaning toilets, you can use white vinegar as it kills germs while also making the toilet sparkle especially if you use it alongside two tablespoons of baking soda.

It is recommended to use the vinegar on the toilet brush after flushing instead of pouring the bleach on the brush after a toilet bowl workout. Sprinkling the toilet brush with baking soda and giving it an odor-rinsing swish in clean water before air drying it and placing it back into its holder will prevent bacteria growth.

Removing Real Dirt on Bristles

It is okay to give a toilet brush a quick clean after each use. But after a dozen or so uses, sanitizing and thoroughly cleaning your toilet brush is recommended. To do this, soak the toilet brush overnight in your preferred disinfectant. You can use dilute bleach or full-strength vinegar. The brush holder should also be immersed in the solution. While wearing gloves to protect your hands, use a scrub while scrubbing clean between the bristles of your toilet brush. When you are done, rinse the toilet brush and let it air dry.

Buying the best toilet brush shouldn’t be exhausting and we hope that our homework helps you choose the one that’s just right for you.

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